Impotence After Prostate Cancer Treatment – The Way Out

Impotence after prostate cancer treatment is about the most common outcome of most of the known conventional processes that intervene for prostate type of cancer patients. Even the less invasive ones like no surgical hormonal therapy for the condition tend to result in loss of sex drive over the long run, something that a lot of patients are not eager to live with. In one way or the other, the sexual life of a patient with prostate cancer is irrevocably impacted from the day he gets the diagnosis.

But one does not have to give in to impotence. For starters, if it has resulted from a standard radical prostatectomy, sex drive and penile sensation are uncompromised by the procedure, so that it is still possible to achieve some pleasure. In addition, several patients claim that they had the ability to achieve an erection (or some of it) back after only a few weeks from the surgery. Although most men may never again be able to attain an erection without assistance, this may still be a silver lining to a very dark cloud.

And speaking of assistance, Viagra pills have been known to restore some semblance of potency for a man trying to achieve an erection. A single pill minutes before the sex act might even do the trick. If it appears as though it is not working as expected, the man ought to see a doctor in a hurry and get the proper directions. Cialis and Levitra are two other medications that may work quite as well.

Other measures also avail that help in some way or the other to manage an erection for sex when potency have been compromised by prostate cancer treatment. The use of VED pumps is not a surreptitious occurrence in the United States, and it is certainly an acceptable way to bring blood into the penis from all over the body. Before the actual act of intercourse, the patient might want to tie a knot around the base of the penis to keep the blood from flowing out.

There are certain drugs too that if injected in the appropriate doses into the side of the penis may precipitate an erection strong enough to have intercourse with. Sex may not even be hard next time because all he has to do will be to inject the drug into the penis. Some men even combine these erection-achieving techniques in some way so as be able to ‘keep it up’ for longer; however most men just long to be able to have sex without any assistance at all.

Again, just for the record, life may never be the same after a prostate cancer diagnosis; the way out is to anticipate it and prepare the best you can.

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