How Does Prostate Cancer Diagnosis Affect Your Sex Life?

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Sex and this condition just don’t mix. There are so many people that have lots and lots of questions to ask about this, such as ? Can a man have sex after a prostatectomy, can there be sex after prostate surgery, how about anal sex and prostate cancer, does lack of sex cause prostate cancer, etc. This article looks at these issues and helps to provide some answers.

First things first ? how does a prostate cancer diagnosis affect your sex life? Straight talk, straight up answer: not very good.

Say you weren’t even one of the lucky ones that got diagnosed with the disease in the early stages, and now your condition has advanced to stage III or IV prostate cancer. That would mean that the cancerous cells from your prostate have grown and begun to metastasize to your lymph nodes and bones, the first symptoms you get are those of pain in urination. An enlarged prostate may follow, leading to difficulty in maintaining a steady stream when you have to use the little boys’ room, and not very long after, you are bound to start experiencing pain during sex as well, especially when you are ejaculating.

You want to go for a test at this time because you don’t want this kind of thing to go on. But say you missed going for the test; that is when you start to see blood? in your urine and in your semen; you see them getting darker each time, and then you suddenly know it is blood. Of course you are alarmed enough at this time to seek a doctor’s advice and their opinion. With all that pain, and now with the blood, you most definitely are not going to be too excited about having sex with anyone.

There are a lot of existing therapies for the treatment of prostate cancer, and depending on the stage of your suffering, you may have to receive one, two, or all of them before the doctors are confident enough to let you go. The catch is that they all have their side effects, and these side effects are not always too good for your sex life. You see, the problem is the location of the prostate gland, right there in your groin, so close to the penis and with so many nerves and blood vessels in the region. It is extremely difficult to do any kind of operation in that area without affecting the nerves in some way.

A prostatectomy is a surgical procedure to remove the prostate malignancy, and it often is a conclusive treatment when combined with radiotherapy. However, it tends to result in impotence almost all the time. The same story applies for brachytherapy, a form of radiation treatment, and even cryosurgery, believed to be a lot safer for your life because there are fewer chances of something going wrong. Yet with a procedure that generates such excitement as this, impotence still occurs up to 90% of the time. However with some medications like Viagra or Levitra, you may get some of that potency back.

You best chance is to get your prostate cancer diagnosis at the early stage of the disease. You may then take simple hormonal therapy and watch the growth of the cancer tumor stop and shrink. However, considering that the mutated cells can become resistant to this intervention within about eighteen month, the specialist may decide to include some radiation still. Sure, you still have the potential side effects of diarrhea, mild rectal bleeding, as well as urinary incontinence and impotence. However these symptoms tend to improve over time

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