Cancer Prostate Sex – Can Sex Help In Prevention?

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Many people keep wondering about cancer prostate and sex and keep asking whether sex can really help in the prevention of prostate cancer. This article looks into it and examines how and why sex can help in the prevention of prostate cancer or not. But of course – before you take any advice in this article, ensure that you consult with your doctor. Your doctor holds the final advice because they are the experts and they ought to know more about you to give you the right health advice.

When it comes to cancer, prostate and sex, it’s somewhat true that sex can help in the prevention of this condition. It’s really simple, if you look at it closely. The fact is that the prostate has to be in good health to prevent prostate cancer. The enlargement and unhealthiness of the prostate is what usually contributes to this disease. It goes without saying, therefore, that keeping the prostate healthy and clean as much as possible will help prevent prostate and even other types of cancer.

If you are wondering what has sex got to do with keeping the prostate healthy and clean – keep reading. You see, the more you engage in sex, you kind of “clean out” your prostate. By having sex and ejaculating, you are “cleaning out” your prostate and this can help, somewhat, in preventing this disease.

Even though all of the health and prostate cancer experts haven’t accepted that sex can really help prevent prostate cancer, but lots of them opine that it can. But whether or not it can prevent prostate cancer, it really doesn’t hurt you to engage in healthy sex as often as you can. Note that I said – healthy sex – and that is sex with one partner or safe sex.

And if your question instead is – can a man have sex after a prostatectomy, then that’s an article for another day, 🙂

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