Can YOU Still Have Sex After Prostate Cancer?

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Still want to enjoy sex after prostate cancer surgery or other such treatments that are previously known to render most men impotent?

I have very good news for you.

The power of technological improvement in the medical field has now brought solutions for prostate cancer victims who are very concerned about sex after prostate cancer.

There are now powerful therapies that help reverse erectile dysfunction that occur during surgical and other such prostate cancer treatments.

With such solutions sex after prostate cancer is now not only possible for younger men with prostate cancer but also much older men with the problem of impotence after prostate cancer treatment.

These solutions that can help your chances of enjoying sex after prostate cancer include:

– Vacuum constriction devices used after the prostrate cancer treatment to restore penile sensation and the man’s ability to have an orgasm

– Intraurethral prostaglandin pellets which also help to improve your sexual prowess even after the prostate cancer treatments

– Use of an oral medication called Sildenafil for reversing erectile dysfunction (though this is yet to be fully approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

These and other similar solutions have been used on many men recently and there were significant improvement in their sex after prostate cancer.

So, talk to your doctor about these to see the best type of such powerful therapies to put you on to ensure you can still have a healthy sexual relationship despite your prostate cancer.

Prostate cancer shouldn’t mean the end of sexual fulfillment for you. Your spouse can now breathe a sigh of relief that sex after prostate cancer is still possible!

And Yes… you can still have AND enjoy sex after prostate cancer.

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2 Responses to “Can YOU Still Have Sex After Prostate Cancer?”
  1. Susan says:

    Hello…I am divorced after 27 yrs of marriage. I am now dating a man that is absolutely an awesome person. I care for him and see our relationship gearing towards a commitment. I have not had sexual relation with him yet. He shared something with me…he stated that he had prostrate cancer and the surgery left him using a device in order to become erect. I am not familiar with these things and am a bet fearful. I really like this man and what can I do to make this process easier, when the time comes for us to have relations. He also told me that he does not ejaculate and that urine comes out instead. He also said that he can have an orgasm without being erect. I hope you can help me with these answers…i am concerned. Thank you so very much…Susan

  2. ProstateCancerVictory says:

    Thanks a lot for commenting, Susan, and for asking for my opinion on your friend’s condition. To be frank with you, what you have explained is a bit confusing. You said he does not ejaculate and that urine comes out instead. Then you later said he can have an orgasm without being erect. This is confusing. I’d suggest you and your friend visit the doctor to have his condition explained by the doctor so that you hear from the doctor’s mouth – the doctor being an expert is in the best condition to explain the condition to you and give you the right advice. It’s possible your friend isn’t very correct about his condition. So – go with him to a doctor and hear from the doctor’s mouth. Feel free to ask any questions you have and I am sure you will have the confusion sorted out. I hope this helps, Susan.

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