Can I Have Sex After Prostate Cancer?

If there’s one area of prostate cancer that lots of people just can’t help talking about, especially the women whose spouses are affected, is the aspect of sex and whether or not they can still have sex after prostate cancer or after surgery (prostatectomy).

I understand how dicey this can be for lots of people. Many of them want to know whether they can still have normal sex after a prostatectomy (which is the surgical removal of part or all of the prostate gland). Some say that if the answer is NO, then they just might not go ahead with the surgery. To such people, sex is so important to them that they would rather not go ahead with it.

I understand perfect how disturbing this can be, but the truth is that life is much more precious than that. If your spouse really loves you, what she will be more interested in is for you to be saved and for you to live longer to be with her and your other loved ones, especially your children and/or grand children. Of course I know that sex IS very important but not more important than your life. If the prostatectomy affects your sex life and leads to erectile dysfunction or other such problems, at least you still have your life.

But of course, talk to your doctor about it before you make up your mind whether to go ahead with it or not. Note that there are still lots of cases of people who were able to enjoy normal sexual activities after prostate cancer. It doesn’t mean that you MUST lose your sexual potency after cancer of the prostate. But if you must, I insist that it’s not as precious as your life itself. What’s more precious is for you to survive prostate cancer and live far longer than you would have with the condition.

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