After prostate cancer – Helpful Advice for dealing with Erectile Dysfunction

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If you are having a difficult time trying to weigh your options after prostate cancer treatment, then it is possible you are coming to terms with the realities of treatment.

The truth is that prostate cancer treatments can cause more worries for you than the symptoms you experience before undergoing any kind of treatment. Nevertheless, you need the best of advice when it comes to handling the after effects of undergoing prostate cancer treatment.

Thankfully, this article has some helpful treatment advice that can help you cope after those treatments. Particularly, it advices you on how to find help and to cope with sexual dysfunction that are experiencing after undergoing a prostate cancer treatment

Basis for the after prostate cancer treatment advice

The fact remains that there are side effects to treatments like radiation, hormone therapy, surgery, and chemotherapy administered to treat cancer of the prostate gland. These side effects can affect your sexual life and fertility. Also, you may experience embarrassing side effects like inability to control the bladder or bowels. Other effects of treatments do come as severe pains and depression.

All the side effects of prostate cancer treatments vary in the level to which individuals are affected. Body difference and factors like the experience of the surgeon, the stage of the tumor, the if the cancer is resistant to treatment, etc may well affect the outcome of the side effects of treatment.

Now, if you are in dilemma as to how to cope with your sex life after prostate cancer treatments, here are tips that can be helpful to you:

  • Discuss with your doctor or health care providers. Talk to your doctors about your concern and it is possible they may provide you with some effective therapies that resuscitate your once vibrant sexual life. However, you need to have realistic expectations.
  • Communicate heartily with your partner about your condition. This is very important because your partner and wife can help to give you the emotional boost to cope with the condition even as  both of you find the best way to resolve the sex problem as a couple.
  • Find help from other survivors. There is no doubt that there are many prostate cancer survivors today who have overcome the sex problem after treatment. You can look around for these people and get advice from them. You can also visit online support groups and forums for more help.

Conclusively, by following the above easy tips you are able to cope with erectile dysfunction as a side effect of prostate cancer.

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