Prostate Cancer Alcoholic or Alcoholism – Implications

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Talk about eating your cake and having it!

Before even looking at the effects of drinking on a patient with prostate cancer, you might want to consider the effects of drinking on the whole. Specifically, you might want to look at its physical and social effects, and then at the health consequences of alcohol consumption.

Physical effects

When you drink, your stomach and intestines rapidly absorb the alcohol into your bloodstream, travelling your entire body and affecting almost every tissue, depressing the brain functions, resulting in high blood alcohol levels, producing intoxicating effects for hours after drinking. Then there is the depression of higher thought processes, impaired judgment, and potential loss of physical control follows, ending in stupor, and possibly death.

Social effects

People look down on you as irresponsible, immoral, and weak of character ? it has been that way for ages, and it remains pretty much the same. Even though people more or less agree that dependence on alcohol is a disease today, they still believe you make a conscious decision to take it or not to, so they put you down? until you are able to do something about it. That means you lose jobs, money, opportunities, and family relationships. Your intoxication threatens not just you, but the community. Today in the United States alone, the NIAAA estimates that alcoholism results in losses of close to $200 billion a year in lost productivity, illness, and premature death.

Health effects

Heavy and prolonged intake of alcohol gravely upsets your body chemistry. You lose appetite and cause serious liver damage to yourself, with fat accumulating in your liver, and leading to eventual hepatitis, or cirrhosis, and failure. You also do damage to your heart muscle, resulting in cardiomyopathy, reducing the heart’s blood-pumping efficiency, and causing a potentially fatal backup of fluid in your lungs. And then, there is the increased risk of severe heartbeat irregularities which could result in sudden death, or hypertension, or stroke. Not to mention the risk to unborn children.

Alcoholism and prostate cancer

I’ll be straight with you; there sincerely is no evidence which suggests that an alcoholic is more at risk or prostate cancer than the other guy; if anything, there are actually studies which have suggested that moderate use of alcohol has beneficial health effects, including protection from coronary heart disease. However there are cancers that are complicated or contributed to by alcohol. It does make a lot of sense if you were just to abstain from killing yourself one drink at a time. Even if you don’t die from prostate cancer caused by drinking, you could die simply by wrapping your car around a statue.

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