Prostate Cancer 2b Stage IV – Important Survival Tips

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According to the National Cancer Institute dictionary of cancer terms, stage IV prostate cancer is a cancer that began in the prostate gland and that has spread to lymph nodes near or far from the prostate, or to other parts of the body, more often to the bones. Although most laymen assume that the Gleason score for such a widespread cancer would be rather on the high side, and it is as such in many cases, that does not have to be the case. What counts is the degree of metastasis of the disease, which can be determined by a series of diagnostic (or staging) tests, such as the MRI scan, the CAT scan, and the ribonucleic bone scan.

The Gleason score is a number that describes how abnormal the cells look under a microscope, and for prostate cancer 2b stage IV, it can be any level.

Metastatic prostate cancer of this nature is often said to be advanced and very difficult to treat, especially if the final evaluations show that the cancer has spread to distant locations in the body. However it may also be classified as a tumor that has spread to pelvic lymph nodes or is obstructing the tubes from the kidneys to the bladder, or both; or a tumor with metastasis to lymph nodes outside the pelvic area, bone involvement, or spread to other distant parts of the body. The earlier form is referred to as stage IV D1, while the latter is called stage IV D2. Prostate cancer stage IV D2 is often difficult to cure at best, although patients may live for several years with effective treatment.

However you look at it, the purpose of receiving cancer treatment for stage IV disease is often to improve symptoms through local control of the cancer, or prolong the patient’s survival. It is also conceivable to administer treatment in order to increase a patient’s chance of cure. Whatever the case, the potential benefits of receiving cancer treatment totally have to be carefully balanced with the potential risks of receiving cancer treatment, especially with advanced prostate cancer.

There are a lot of new treatments being developed in clinical trials to evaluate their effectiveness, however hormonal treatments may be the best first choice of treatment because it often reverses disease progression. Chemotherapy works in similar regard to kill the cancer cells and cause a reversal or shrinking of the tumor; and radical prostatectomy and radiation therapy in a slightly different form may even help to prolong life expectancy for as long as twice or three times the initial prognosis. This should be good news for people wanting to know about the stage IV prostate cancer life expectancy.

And as for other treatments like immunotherapy, high intensity focused ultrasound, and cryosurgery, even though they are already in use in certain circles, American are sure to wait until they are perfected to a reasonable degree.

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