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Whether you are looking specifically for prostate cancer 2b aggressive 2b questions 2b doctor or aggressive prostate cancer definition, this article will prove helpful. It contains even helpful information about aggressive prostrate cancer treatment.

One of the best known facts about prostate cancer is that the disease is essentially a slow growing malignancy which results from the mutation and uncontrollable multiplication of the cells of the prostate gland. This is however also the reason why the disease is usually curable in the early stages because treatment often does not permit the cancer to spread too far before it is arrested.

But you know about as well as I do that there are exceptions to just about every rule under the sun, and certain forms of prostate cancer simply defy the odds. There are instances which a patient is diagnosed with prostate cancer that is instead found to be the aggressive prostate cancer or fast travelling kind. Often after diagnosis, staging is done through a series of other tests, the findings of which are included with the results of the initial PSA test and prostate biopsy, which will now tell the doctor how far the cancer may have metastasized, and how aggressive the disease may have to be for best results and assurance of cure (if possible).

About the aggressive prostate cancer definition, it’s just the type that is not as normal as the others. You can call this type the fast traveling type. You see, it is not usually very easy to tell that the specific cancer that a patient is suffering from is the fast travelling kind unless the patient suddenly starts feeling symptoms that weren’t there only a couple of days ago. Often the only other way is to wait and watch the cancer for a while to see if it progresses and how fast it does, then they can decide exactly what to do. Prostate cancer is often so slow growing that there are patients who wait out the rest of their lives and die of other causes; however prostate cancer of the aggressive kind require equal aggressiveness to curtail it.

Often hormonal therapy can be used to slow disease progression, although this will be far from sufficient if the disease indeed happens to be aggressive. Considering that it may not cause a regression or remission of the cancer, chemotherapy and immunotherapy may be combined to further slow the disease down and leave it open to other treatments. Even a radical prostatectomy would be welcomed at this time, and before, during, and after the treatment, the doctor will urge that the patient to make some serious lifestyle changes in order to make certain that the disease is arrested.

One of the desirable points to achieve with fast travelling prostate cancer is to slow PSA doubling times, which can be done with the aid of culinary products such a lycopene, saw palmetto, pomegranate juice, and perhaps capsaicin. Many of these natural herbs have noted therapeutic value for prostate cancer patients that are widely accepted by the medical community and extensively used in Europe and other parts of the world. In the United State though, they are only sold as food supplements, which is not so bad anyhow because you still have access to them.

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