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Following what is known of prostate cancer ? or more precisely what is not known ? it is understandable how several people may want to consider treatment options that are not part of mainstream medicine. Thankfully, there are lots of other options that may be explored, many of which have been shown on several occasions to be effective in preventing the disease, or in treating it in some way.

One such healing technique is the use of pomegranate juice or genistein, an isoflavone found in various legumes to treat the condition. This is one of many other single agents that have been shown to reduce prostate specific antigen (PSA) levels in patients that have been diagnosed with the disease, or at least slow PSA doubling times. Some other research shows that it has similar effects on secondary markers in men who have the localized form (or stage) of the disease, suggesting that pomegranate juice may actually be a cure. In the time being, the best way to go about is that a patient should take the medication in doses suggested by a specialist on a daily basis. As a preventive measure, pomegranate juice may also be drunk in daily mouthfuls for good effect.

There is no questioning the efficacy of a proper diet as a preventive cancer treatment. In recent times, more and more evidence has surfaced about certain foods being healthy for an individual, and certain foods being harmful. With respect to prostate cancer in fact, diet as been raised as a major risk factor for the disease and most specialist doctors would strongly urge that the prostate type of cancer patients make a few dietary changes even while they are in treatment. This is no fluke; one report has said that following the fact that vegans are at reduced risk of the disease, a vegan diet ? one that allows also for fish (perhaps because of the polyunsaturated fatty acid content of fish oils) ? may be the best for a patient at risk of prostate cancer, and also for someone looking to heal faster from the disease.

In a not-so-strange twist, it would appear now as though adequate stress management might be a deterrent for a condition like prostate carcinoma. The stress response in humans is certainly one way of lowering one’s immune system and allowing diseases like prostate cancer to get in; therefore if one were to manage stress in a better way, one might be able to keep the disease away or even precipitate a cure. Even doctors recommend regular exercise and stress reduction to go along with their treatments for the patient. Now it may not be able to work alone, but it is certainly a step in the right direction.

Finally, peppers, tomatoes, and certain edible species of the palm (saw palmetto) have all been found to posses elements that are helpful against prostate cancer. If you are looking for plausible alternative prostate malignant tumor cures, you might as well look into them.

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