Progesterone For Prostate Cancer

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Progesterone is a hormone formed by the granulosa cells of the corpus luteum of the female ovary, the level of which varies with the menstrual cycle of the female. It is a steroid hormone that possesses the same chemical nucleus as the female estrogenic hormones and the male androgenic hormones, as well as cholesterol and adrenal steroid hormones. The principal function of progesterone is the preparation of the mucous membrane of the uterus for the reception of the ovum, whilst it also has a number of other varied functions.

Medical research today suggests that cancers of the reproductive organs may be affected by such naturally occurring steroid hormones produced by the endocrine system because they stimulate reproductive organ cells to divide and grow, so that high or long exposure seems to increase the risk of breast and uterine cancers in females; and testosterone plays a significant role in prostate cancer.

In hormone treatments for this condition, it was determined by Dr. John Lee, (dead as of 2003) that progesterone for men is one of the most effective treatments against prostate malignant cancer; having treated series of patients who had advanced metastatic prostate condition with the natural form of the hormone and watching the disease go into complete remission. Claims like these cause stirs in the medical community, by Dr. Lee’s publication of administering 5-6mg of the medication twice daily and in cream form is well documented, enough to be irrefutable? on some level.

The progesterone cream appears to turn into what researcher and medical experts refer to as the anti cancer gene p 53, which causes prostate cancer cell apoptosis, once the cream gets into the man’s system. Such advanced stage prostate type of cancer is generally not considered to be curable and hormone treatments are generally not expected to cure prostate malignant tumor; and understandably, there are quite a number of patients who did not make it, but how does one deny the spate of those who did?

The thing is there appears to be a hidden but staggering truth. While several doctors remain unaware of the efficacy of this treatment, others are simply just greedy. Progesterone has been shown to inhibit the growth of prostate cancer cells, while estrogen and DHT accelerate the growth and metastasis of the disease. However, natural progesterone is a natural product of the body, and thus it cannot be patented. This translates into no money for the doctors, and therefore their narrowed interest.

Pamela Hett-Dobricky laid this latest accusation after studying the works of Dr. Lee and another Brent Formby. Progesterone in the treatment of prostate cancer might not be the perfect cure, but if it helps in treating the disease, by all means it should be prescribed.

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