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What is postrate cancer?

Three words: a killer disease.

I know how that may sound melodramatic, but it is true. There are many reasons why men die all the time, but there is no way you are striking various forms of cancer off of that list. Interestingly enough, prostate cancer ranks as the #2 leading cause of cancer related deaths in the United States, right after lung cancer. And you know why lung cancer is king ? because of all the smoking and ETS, and all the chemical and environmental factors that contribute to lung cancer incidence all over the place. But it is even worse with prostate cancer because there isn’t a single person who can point out a specific cause of prostate cancer, besides just a collection of high risk factors.

Worse, prostate cancer rarely strikes when you are young and your immune system is intact; often it prefers to inflict men who are into their sixties and beyond, with a special focus on men who are around eighty years old. This had caused several medical health professionals and specialists in oncology to classify it as an age specific ailment, one that afflicts only the aged. However this is no cause for celebration, especially because you could live your entire life laboring to make your latter days restful, only to get there and have to deal with a disease that would likely kill you. You should know, about twenty six to twenty seven thousand men die of prostate cancer and complications of the disease each year.

A disclaimer though ? there are now increasing cases of younger men being diagnosed with postrate cancer, so it’s no longer very accurate to say it’s an “old” man’s disease. The only fact about the matter is that it afflicts far more older men than it does younger men.

The worst part of suffering from prostate cancer is that there are no prostrate cancer early symptoms, so that you could have it for several years without even knowing that you do. Prostate cancer can best be treated and cured if you are able to catch it early and administer effective and specifically targeted treatments to deal with the disease. If you are not able to catch it early enough, you give it the chance to metastasize (spread) to other regions of your body before you eventually start to feel its severe symptoms. The main symptoms of prostate cancer are pain in urination and in ejaculation, blood in urine and in ejaculate, and erectile dysfunction. As it gets worse, you are likely to feel a lot of bone pain, such as pain in the ribs, in the hips, in the pelvic bone, and against the spine as the pressure builds due to the presence of the spreading tumor.

However, prostate cancer is not a disease without effective treatment measures. Being a cancer, most known anticancer treatments and medications also work for prostate cancer. After the disease has been appropriately staged ? to determine the level of spread to other organs ? the precise treatment that is appropriate to you and your condition will be decided upon and administered. Chemo, radio, or hormonal therapies all apply, as do surgeries transurethral resection or prostatectomy, and abstract or developing techniques watchful waiting, cryosurgery, and immunotherapy.

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