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It’s depressing really. Everything that there is to learn about prostate cancer is depressing whenever you do get to learn about it. You might want to consider the risk factors of the disease, or it’s incidence in the United States. The number of fresh prostate cancer diagnoses in North America each year is totally shattering, and the number of men that die from the disease easily makes you wonder if you will also soon be on that list, like that would be any consolation.

It’s depressing, when you come to think how prostate cancer affects the lives of perhaps every American today, especially considering the fact that even the very best prostate cancer treatments only work best in certain instances, and beyond those instances, there is a limit to how well they can work. Often, at the early stages of the disease, you are perhaps safest and surest with hormonal treatments because they cause the mutated tumors to shrink, sometimes never to return. However, if they should return ? usually after about two years of hormonal therapy ? the intervention for the cancer usually has to be complex and aggressive. Radiotherapy and immunotherapy may very well be combined with some orchiectomy and prostatectomy.

All of these have to happen before the prostate cancer has effectively metastasized from your prostate gland to other critical regions of your body, such as your hips and femur, and your backbone and ribs. Metastatic prostate cancer at its worst can very easily be the end of you.

It’s depressing, the thought of living with prostate cancer; and the only ray of light that the medical community has to offer is the prognosis of the disease. Some call it excellent to some degree, but it all depends on how early the cancer is when it is discovered and diagnosed. Early stage prostate cancer indeed has a tremendous treatment projection in that if you get your appropriate treatments on time, they don’t expect you to suffer a relapse of the condition at all within the first five years. In fact, the prognosis for early stage prostate cancer over a ten year period after diagnosis in the United States is actually as high as ninety three percent.

Things don’t look too good after ten years, though, even with early stage prostate cancer. Doctors fear that by that time you could have developed mutated cells that are now resistant to just about every type of treatment or medication that exists for the management of the condition. The life expectantly for metastatic prostate cancer in particular is rather messy. Of course, several prostate cancer cases are not lethal, and the chances are that you might ultimately die from other causes, but when you actually have that stage of the disease, the doctors want to offer you some form of palliative care, in which they make you comfy and wait the disease out.

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