Ovarian Breast and Prostate Cancer – What You MUST Know

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The most common of all forms of cancer in the world is skin cancer, but it is closely followed by lung cancer, which also doubles as the most common cause of cancer deaths for both men and women in the United States and Canada. However, ovarian, breast, and prostate cancers are the most deadly gender specific cancers in the world; and yet they have so much more in common than just that. This article looks at the similarities between these forms of cancer and offers remedial clues for their prevention, treatment, and cure.

Ovarian cancer ? this is the malignancy of one or both of the ovaries on either side of the uterus in the female reproductive system. As many as 25 thousand new cases of ovarian cancer are diagnosed each year, and about 16 thousand women die from the disease before the same year runs out. It is considered the most deadly cancer of the female reproductive system.

Breast cancer ? this is the mutation and rapid multiplication of the glandular tissues in the breasts of both men and women. Yes men get breast cancer too, but the disease is about a hundred times more likely to get a woman than it is to get a man. Right after skin cancer, the carcinoma of the breast is the most common in women in the United States; and close to 210 thousand women are diagnosed with the disease every year. 40 thousand female casualties are recorded by the American Cancer Society year in and out.

Prostate cancer ? this is the melanoma of the prostate gland, the walnut sized organ close to the male bladder. It affects about 300 thousand new men every year, and takes about 30 thousand American men away in the same breath. Prostate diseaseis the second most common death causing cancer among men in the United States.

The first point of consensus with these three forms of cancer is that they are all extremely deadly, and between them they account for as many as 86,000 American deaths each year, while bringing about 535,000 families into its shadow at the same time. In addition, evidence suggests that these three forms of cancer have mutated cells that appear to depend largely on the gender sex hormones for their growth and proliferation.

Ovarian, breast, and prostate cancer are detectable by monoclonal antibodies because they are extremely specific and sensitive; they are also largely treatable by certain chemotherapeutic drugs that help in lowering the body’s production of the primary sex hormones estrogen and testosterone to inhibit the growth of the tumors. They are highly influenced by genetic inheritance, and getting rid of the organ that produces the mutated cells can treat them.

Like most forms of cancer other treatments work for treating these three forms of cancer, but in prevention, dietary and lifestyle change factors are perhaps your best bet. You should lower your red meat intake, and increase your vegetables.

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