No Prostate Cancer PSA Screening Recommended By U.S. Health Panel – Follow Up – Survivor Opposes

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Just as we said we will continue to follow developments on the so-called “No Prostate Cancer PSA Screening Recommended By U.S. Health Panel“. Many people have continued to oppose the proposed recommendation.

One of those is a seven year Prostate Cancer survivor – Robert Young. He says he was able to survive prostate cancer because of early detection. So, for the U.S health panel to talk about the lack of need for screening, is not right.

Read more of this below:

A controversy in the medical field developed today as the same government panel that two years ago said women shouldn’t be getting mammograms as often, came out Friday to say men of all ages should stop getting prostate cancer blood screenings.

The task force report says the majority of prostate cancers that are detected would never have gone on to harm a man and didn’t need to be treated, and says the risks of treatment side effects are worse than most of the cancers the blood test detects. So how did prostate cancer survivor Robert Young react when he heard that?

“Medical bureaucracy at its worst,” Young said. “People trying to find ways to cut back on spending money on testing or treatment to show the insurance companies they don’t have to pay for this. And in the process you’re looking at causing people to die because you don’t wanna pay for the test. So the question becomes what’s more important? Saving money or paying for a simple test that might add years to someone’s life?”

Young’s cancer was discovered during a routine exam following a shoulder injury. He’s about to celebrate seven years cancer-free, and Monday was joined by fellow survivor Mark Pevey.

“I don’t wanna let cancer live in my body one day longer than I have to,” Pevey said. “So I think that doing these screenings is absolutely vital. I don’t understand why we would not do that.”

“One of our concerns is the insurance companies may fall in line and use this as cover for cost savings,” urologist Dr. Mark DeGuenther said.. “The 2nd thing is it’s gonna make men themselves question whether or not this is a valuable thing for their health.”

Dr. DeGuenther says this recommendation is more about saving money than saving lives. He says death rates from prostate cancer have dropped 40 percent since men began getting screened at age 40 and he says it will save taxpayers and patients more money in the long run to diagnose and treat cancers earlier rather than wait and have to provide expensive care for advanced stage cancers. Read more here.

One of those who commented in the above piece even called the panel “morons”, when he said:

My brother’s prostate cancer was initially discovered because of an elevated PSA. He’s alive and well 5 years later. The Feds did the same thing with breast exams. They actually told us to tell our patients to stop doing self breast exams.. Morons

So, like we said, we will continue to follow developments in this news story to see how it goes.

No Prostate Cancer PSA Screening Recommended By U.S. Health Panel – Follow Up – Survivor Opposes

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