Mortality 2b Advanced Prostate Cancer

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When talking about mortality 2b advanced prostate cancer or advanced prostate cancer 2b mortality, the question that comes to mind is – Who gets to live and who gets to die?

Unfortunately that decision has been taken out of the hands of mankind and placed in the hands of fate, so that every man who desires to live has to rendezvous with fate and work things out in his own way. No one knows what causes prostate cancer, but most people are aware of the risk factors of the disease by this time, what with all the releases of the NCI and ACS over the years. Prostate cancer can come early or come late, and it can come mild or come aggressive, but really it all boils down to what any man may have done to introduce himself to the risk of prostate cancer, and to cause the disease to be either mild of aggressive.

That is what determines mortality in prostate cancer, the aggression of the disease, which really is a fallback of the actions you may have taken to contribute to it, knowingly or inadvertently. Early stage prostate cancer (if treated early and well) often yields a cure and a guarantee of ten to fifteen years after the treatment and living cancer free, but sometimes the disease is such a bugger that it does not respond to treatment.

Sometimes in spite of the best treatments, the PSA levels in the patient may continue to rise and the cancer to relapse, which is a problem any how you look at it. In other instances, advanced prostate cancer may be observed in a patient which ordinarily is not curable, but that could go into remission at the smallest sign of interventions.

What it all boils down to is that they are no hard and fast rules in prostate cancer treatment, and prognosis is rarely accurate. Notwithstanding, mortality 2b advanced stage prostate cancer is often placed at somewhere around five years, which may extend to seven or eight year under certain circumstances.

If the patient is going to live, attempt is made to slow the growth and progression of the disease while also delaying the symptoms. Chemotherapy or radiation therapy is often how this is done. Even if the patient is going to die, the doctors usually accord pain relief to deal with the soreness of bone metastatic prostate cancer.

Mortality in advanced prostate cancer may however be influenced in some ways by certain other treatments administered in that late stage. Even though most doctors are in the habit of patching up the patient and sending him off on his merry way, it has come to the fore that a prostatectomy, sometimes combined with radiation treatment can prolong the life of the patient for close to another eight years. This is a plus that is still under exploration, but one that several patients are already opting for.

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