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Close to thirty thousand deaths are anticipated from prostate cancer this year alone; about three hundred thousand are expected to be newly diagnosed with the disease, and about ten percent of the men that make up that figure are expected to be diagnosed with advanced stage prostate type of cancer. Being the second leading cause of cancer death in American men, this may come as no surprise to many, but the numbers are still disturbing.

According to the Journal of the American Medical Association, 15 in every 1,000 men die during the first 15 years after diagnosis of prostate cancer; 44 in every 1,000 men die after the first 15 years; and 2 years is the median survival for patients with advanced prostate carcinoma at time of diagnosis; however, if the patient happens to still be alive two years after diagnosis he might do another 26 months survival, give or take. And if by some chance the same patient with advanced prostate cancer makes it to five years after diagnosis, the doctors may then give him a life expectancy reaching as far out as another three years into the future, which they consider to be rather generous. Something has to be keeping the man alive after all, and that something may just choose to stay with him.

Only 98% of white patients survive 5 years after diagnosis in the first place. There is a poorer 93% for blacks in the same time range; and up to 245 deaths out of every 100,000 of men aged over 65 in the United States may be envisaged. Men under 65 years of may not lose more than 2 in every 100,000, but still 1 in 23 African American men will die from the condition. Compared to the 19 per 100,000 American Indian or Alaska Native men who die on the average per year, the statistics for blacks are not too encouraging. Essentially, looking at the figures drawn up from past years and events, the ratio of Black: White: Hispanics who die from prostate cancer is an interesting 58:23:19.

So what does all of this mean, because numbers do not lie? It means that the life expectancy for prostate kind of cancer patients diagnosed in the early stages of the disease is fairly good, and may reach as far out as even fifteen years with good treatment and proper screening. The life expectancy for men with advanced stage disease however is not so good at perhaps five to eight years. It may be further extended if the patient is afforded the very best of treatment, but only just, because the specialists are not exactly encouraged by it. Thinking about the expected quality of life for a patient like that, euthanasia may all of a sudden not look quite so bad.

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