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One of the most notable facts about prostate cancer is that it is a slow growing disease because it can be there for long years without the patient ever even knowing that it is. The medical community makes it clear even in treatment that there are those in whom they find concrete evidence of the presence of the malignancy, but whom they decide to treat to watchful waiting because of the chance that the disease might not progress fast enough to kill them before other (natural) symptoms of aging get to them. Even though I have my strong objections to watchful waiting, it’s still done by lots of people as an option to prostate cancer treatment.

That said, there also are other instances in which once the disease is diagnosed, treatment has to begin immediately because of the perceived aggression of the adenocarcinoma. This goes to show that there are in fact varied manifestations of the disease that wonder out of the realm of the clinically understood. To that end, prostate cancer life expectancy or the life expectancy of prostate cancer, whether it be advanced prostate cancer 2b life expectancy, may be a bit more varied, but essentially it rests on the degree of aggression, the stage of disease at the time that it was diagnosed, and the appropriateness of treatment administered.

Going by statistics released by the American Cancer Society, more than 90 percent of prostate cancers are today exposed and diagnosed in early stages as a result of more widespread screening than there used to be in the past. Because of that, and because prostate cancers really grow that much slowly, the five-year survival rate for prostate cancer detected in an early stage is nearly a hundred percent.

As a matter of fact, statistics reveal even the ten-year survival rate to be at ninety three percent; however the patients don’t seem to do well on survival ratings beyond that time frame, although there have been more than a few instances in which after treatment the men have lived happily for the greater part of fifteen years? and is still kicking.

The thing is- there really is no hard and fast rule about prostate cancer or about life expectancy for that matter. Very few people compared to the entire population ever get to live older than 80 years of age, at which time they are so besotted by disease and old age that even they would be happy to move on. Prostate cancer being a disease that is more common among aged people ? over 65 years old ? caught and treated in the early stages, and allowing you a prognosis of perhaps fifteen years may not be so bad after all. In any case, even the specialists expect that some other ailment would have caught up with you by that time.

Late stage prostate cancer is not curable, although it can be treated with the aim to delay symptoms, manage pain and prolong life, but essentially, if you were once cured of prostate cancer, you should be happy to have as many years as you now have left. Make the best use of it. There are people who have survived the condition. Like what I always say ? if they could? you can as well, whether it’s advanced prostate cancer 2b or whatever it’s called.

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