Life Expectancy 2b Advanced Prostate Cancer

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Whether you are interested in advanced prostate cancer 2b life expectancy or life expectancy 2b advanced prostate cancer, this article will prove very helpful. You see, prostate cancer is considered mild to moderate when you have a Gleason score of 6 or lower, at which point treatment is often easily decided upon, and the disease may be happily cured, and the doctor could assure you that the next five, ten, or even fifteen years are going to be a breeze for you.

Now while all of that is very exciting and all, the life expectancy for advanced prostate cancer is not quite so juicy. When a patient has a Gleason score of eight and above, he is looking at some serious trouble because first and foremost the oncologist may not easily be convinced that that stage of the disease is curable. Usually when such is the case, the specialist may give a five- or six-year verdict, which with palliative care could extend to seven or eight; and then they would proceed to administer the palliative care. If you are wondering about the expected life span of prostate cancer patients, you have your answer right there.

As a patient you do have the right to demand proper treatment, though, even treatments aimed toward curing your condition, especially if you have enough money to afford it or if your health insurance policy is on point. Whatever the case is, the first thing they have to do is to slow the progression of the disease. Prostate cancer relies rather heavily on testosterone production in the body, so that if the testosterone is removed from the equation, the cancerous cells will likely stop growing and possibly even shrink.

Recently, it was found that a radical prostatectomy for advanced stage prostate cancer has the potential of doubling the life expectancy in a patient, possibly even tripling it. It is now believed that patients who would have had to die by seven or eight years after their diagnoses still go on to live a fruitful fourteen to fifteen years as a result!

Those who have been in the treatment of patients with prostate cancer for a while realize the potential behind this even though they are still skeptical about how effective it might be, or not. Many would prefer to do things the old way, but what research has always been about was presenting new ways to do old things- better.

Pending fresh findings from further experiments and clinical trials, it is certain that as many patients as are aware of this will soon begin to choose it over other types of treatments for the disease. In the meantime, doctors who have confidence in it will advise likewise, and those who don’t – won’t.

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