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You must have wondered what the doctor was going on about when they kept saying metastatic prostate cancer instead of just saying prostate cancer and getting on with it. I know where you are coming from here; I was coming from there too, some years ago when my dad was diagnosed with the same condition, and I had no clue what they were saying. Even then there were some effective prostate cancer treatments that I had read about, and I was just wondering why the oncologist would not just order us into the radiology lab and give my dad a few prescription pills and be off with it. So what, he was going to lose a few hairs in the process ? he would have grown them back when the effects of the radiation therapy faded off; and what if prostate cancer treatment pills were expensive to come about? At least my dad gets to live.

He didn’t: two years later, Dad was dead, and I was at his funeral wondering what we did wrong.

There were a lot of things I did not know about prostate cancer then, some even that were public knowledge. Like the fact that it was the second greatest cancer killer of men in the United States, and that my African American dad was a lot worse off than most others because he was black. I knew that it was usually old men who got prostate cancer, and at fifty five, my dad was far from old; but I was not aware that all the red meat he consumed so often was so dangerous if you were trying to live a cancer free life. I also did not know that up to twenty six thousand men died of prostate cancer in the United States each year. Almost thirty thousand! That was a bugger.

Of course, I know most of these things now, and I know also why my dad died. Early stage prostate cancer is hard to detect because there are no symptoms. Dad simply hadn’t paid attention to the American Cancer Society’s release that men over forty should get themselves tested for the disease at least once a year. By the time he got to seeing blood in his urine, and Mum screamed from the bedroom one night, the prostate cancer had to have been progressing.

You see, there must be more than a hundred types of cancer that develop in the various organs in the body, and they are described according to where they originated, the type of tissue they originated in, and the type of cell too. And if the cancer spreads to other organs from the original organ, it is not called by the name of the new organ, but by the name of the old one. So when the oncologist said my dad had metastatic prostate cancer, what he meant was that the prostate cancer was far gone, likely in the late stages. There are even cases of metastatic prostate cancer and brain tumor, metastatic prostate bone cancer, and all kinds of others.

Metastatic prostate cancer spreading to hip is only the beginning; usually it would have done the lymph nodes first, but it is on its way down to the femur, and all the way up to the ribs too. My dad died after a prolonged illness that was helped by many of the pain relieving drugs that the doctors gave to help him. He must have understood what was going on, but fool that I was at twelve, I hardly had a clue. I do now, though; and I hope these words have taught you. Don’t let your prostate cancer get to the late stages; and it if does, don’t feel too bad about the doctors not being able to it. The cure for metastatic prostate cancer will pop up someday, but until then, you have to wait on the research using the remedies that are already available. That’s why you ought to absolutely ensure that you constantly go for prostate cancer tests at least once or even twice each and every year. It’s best to catch the disease very early on, before it advances and worse ? metastasizes to other organs of the body.

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