Is Prostate Cancer Genetic?

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Wondering whether prostate cancer is genetic or looking for genetic treatments of Prostate cancer, this article will prove very helpful.

Several researches and studies seem to indicate that African Americans are prone to prostate cancer than others, with the Asians being the least likely to develop this cancer. This is genetics at play. Since all African Americans are of the same genetics, originally, this shows that genetics is at play as far as prostate cancer is concerned.

More so, it’s no longer news that certain traits are inherited from generation to generation, including problematic prostate that eventually result in prostate kind of cancer.

Also, evidence abound that link prostate cancer from father to son. There are cases of fathers having the condition and their sons eventually having it too. This has led experts of the condition to conclude that a man’s chances of contracting the illness is increased if his father, grandfather, uncles, etc had the illness.

Of course this doesn’t apply in EVERY case, but there are lots of cases where it has applied and will continue to apply.

What to do if prostate cancer runs in your genes is to CONSTANTLY be on the watch out for it, rather than live in self-delusion that it can’t happen to you. Being in constant watch out for it involves constantly going for a yearly PSA (Prostate Specific Antigen) test and other necessary tests to be able to detect the condition in good time, before it gets to dangerous stages.

This can be the single major determinant to whether you survive the condition or you join the thousands that die yearly from it.

I hope the above answers your question of – is prostate cancer genetic?

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