Interesting Story To Show Why Prostate Cancer Support Is Necessary

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Even though you don’t have prostate cancer, it is important for you to give prostate cancer support for the necessary researches and treatments to be found, so that more people’s lives will be saved from this terrible disease.

For those who don’t give prostate cancer support, the below short story comes handy:

A farmer came back to his house one day with a little mouse trap. The house mouse saw the trap from its tiny hole and told the chicken, the goat and the pig about the mousetrap.

Each of them shrugged their shoulders and told the mouse that they had no problem with the mousetrap and that it was the mouse’s problem to worry about the trap, not theirs.

He spend many hours trying to plead with them to help him out of this dilemma, but they all turned deaf ears.

He decided to let the issue to rest while he exercised extreme care in moving around the house, to avoid getting caught by the mousetrap.

In the mid of the night the tiny home of the farmer was awakened with a loud noise from the mousetrap indicating that it had caught something.

The farmer’s wife was the first to get there and while trying to put on her lamb, she got bitten by the snake whose tail got caught by the mousetrap.

The farmer immediately killed the chicken to make a chicken soup for his wife, as it was the customary antidote against snake bite at that time.

Sadly the wife still died and he had to kill the goat and the pig to prepare a big meal for her funeral, as was customary at that time.

At the end of the day, the mouse stood and noticed that those who didn’t have any concern for the mousetrap ended up dead, instead of him.

Moral of the story?

Everyone should have prostate cancer support. The fact that you don’t have prostate cancer shouldn’t fool you into being unconcerned about prostate cancer.

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