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While researching the possibility or otherwise of prostate cancer intuitive healing, I came across an interesting saying by Agnes Tiller of which says that there is no healing method that will ever have any significant curing rate for any cancer if it only focuses on the ‘physical’ body.

This saying simply proves that prostate cancer intuitive healing exists as an alternative or supportive way of curing prostate cancer.

Also, a remarkable story I read about that shows prostate cancer intuitive healing can work is one by Michael Gearin-Tosh who fought and survived one of the worse forms of cancer.

Apart from Chinese breathing exercises that he did, he also used visualization. In this, he had to visualize the breathing of oxygen in through his toes for at least one hour at a time.

His intuitive healing also included repeatedly imagining the heroic Imperial Russian armies that had defeated Napoleon in ancient history 1812 marching through his entire body looking for the infections and cancerous cells to find and eliminate.

As odd as these types of prostate cancer intuitive healing looked, they worked well for him and he was able to survive his cancer.

If you also want to use such prostate cancer intuitive healing, read all you can on the subject, buy great books on how to use prostate cancer intuitive healing and then get to work on making it work for you.

My final word on this prostate cancer intuitive healing is that if Michael Gearin-Tosh could survive one of the most fatal cancer, then YOU too or anyone for that matter can survive it using prostate cancer intuitive healing.

If you are interested in the book by Michael Gearin-Tosh where he explained how he did it and how anyone can do the same, the title is “Living Proof: A Medical Mutiny”.

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