How This Prostate Cancer Nutrition Can Save Your Life

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If you don’t think prostate cancer nutrition should be taken seriously then listen to this…

It is reported that there are 5 times much more deaths from prostate cancer in men in the United States than men in Japan.

Research has suggested that the difference in diet and lifestyle can be one of the reasons for this.

Also research estimates that one-third of all cancer deaths in the United States can be easily attributed to the diet in adulthood that they take.

Specifically, a recent study by the American Institute for Cancer Research discovered that one-third of all the cancer cases can be prevented with a combination of dietary changes, adequate physical activity and also a good maintenance of the right body weight.

This study consisted of a review by 16 professionals that reviewed an amazing number of 4,500 scientific studies on diet and cancer. Looking at the numbers more closely, this study concluded that 200,000 of the 600,000 cancer deaths each year in the United States might have been prevented if proper diet guidelines were adhered to.

This is why it is a norm now to hear that “a healthy diet helps victims of prostate cancer to increase their energy levels, to facilitate their recovery and most especially, to enhance their immune system.

By observing good prostate cancer nutrition you can keep the condition under control along with taking medication.

Prostate cancer nutrition guide that will help you include:

– If you are a victim of prostate cancer then you should limit the percentage of the dietary fat you consume to just about 15-20% of total energy that you take.

– You should eat a lot of fruits and vegetables on a daily basis.

– You should take a lo of dietary fiber on a daily basis… preferably 25-35 g every single day.

– Ensure that you balance your intake of caloric to your energy output.

– Ensure that you consume up to 40 g of Soy Protein on a daily basis.

Conclusively, even though there is no completely genuine prove that the above help, it will not harm you to try them out. At least, they won’t affect you negatively but only help to make you live longer and better despite your prostate cancer.

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