Homoeopathy Treatments For Prostate Cancer

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Homeopathy is an alternative system of medicine that was developed in the early 19th century based on the concept that disease can be cured when a patient is treated with minute quantities of substances that produce symptoms of the disease in a healthy person. Homeopathy focuses on healing the underlying cause of the disease and not just eliminating the symptoms that are caused by the disease.

It is no secret at all that homeopathy is a complementary form of medicine used widely around the world, but there is actually the question of whether it is effective at all in the treatment of a horrible carcinoma like cancer of the prostate. As a matter of fact, one huge question in the minds of many American men today is: “Can homeopathic treatment really slow prostate cancer growth?”

The thing is, in spite of the extensive use of homeopathy for cancer and other serious conditions, and the reported successes that have been garnered in that regard, the results obtained from actual clinical trials and laboratory research have been rather vague on the subject. Up until recent times, no rigorous research has been done on the actual effects of homeopathy on cancers generally.

So the National Cancer Institute made a request for protocols to conduct further research into this treatment and had researchers conduct series of carefully controlled laboratory studies specifically to ‘evaluate the effects of commonly used homeopathic remedies in cell and animal models of prostate cancer,’ using male Copenhagen rats and prostate tumor cells DU-145, LNCaP, and MAT-LyLu; and guess what the results showed?

The laboratory outcomes with respect to tumor cell viability and apoptosis gene expression, tumor incidence, volume, weight, total mortality, proliferating cell nuclear antigen (PCNA) expression, and apoptotic cell death showed a 23% reduction in tumor incidence, a 38% reduction in tumor volume in homeopathy-treated animals versus controls a 13% lower average tumor weight, a 19% increase in apoptotic cell death, and reduced PCNA-positive cells.

The tests, carried out by Jaya P. Gaddipati, PhD, N.V. RajeshKumar, PhD, and others of the Department of Pathology, Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences in Bethesda, Maryland, concluded that although the findings indicate selected homeopathic remedies for the study had no direct cellular anticancer effects on the test subjects, it appeared as though they significantly slowed the progression of the cancer cells and reduced its incidence.

Even though those tests were carried out on rats, it is easy to follow the gist of the matter: homeopathy does not cure the cancer, but it helped in slowing its progression. Also, it would appear as though homoeopathy treatments are an effective measure for prostate cancer prevention. How about picking up the phone and calling your doctor for more information?

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