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Prostate cancer in Canada is increasingly becoming a serious topic. Most men are now in dire fear of not just the prostate cancer itself, but the devastating effects it can bring to them- such as impotence after the treatments.

Like its American counterpart, the Canadian government and people are faced with an increasing case of prostate cancer diagnosis and deaths.

There is now a greater need for prostate cancer Canada awareness programs.

Cancer generally is the leading cause of deaths in Canada and about 132,000 Canadians are diagnosed with different types of cancer every single year!

Prostate cancer specifically is being diagnosed in about 16,900 men in Canadian yearly while about 180,000 men are diagnosed of the disease every year in the United States.

Some people have argued about the futility of encouraging a general prostate cancer Canada awareness programs, stating that it would cost the government a lot of money (billions of dollars in testing costs and treatment costs), especially since most people will want to commence treatment immediately they are diagnosed.

Such people also claim that the present tests for prostate cancer are not yet very accurate. More than one tests need to be conducted to be very sure of the presence of cancerous cells in the prostate. Such several tests they claim will cost the Canadian government and people too much money.

But whatever is opined by people, prostate cancer is now a serious issue in Canada and more should be done by the government and people in Canada to stem the tide of prostate cancer.

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