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The Oregon Health and Science University is all but a public university with its main campus and three hospitals in Portland, Oregon. They have smaller campuses all over the place, and they maintain a good number of partnerships with various health institutions all over the place, but they have three hospitals in Portland alone! If nothing else, that has got to say something to you about how much attention and importance they place on the treatment of patients and the administration of health to sufferers of various diseases and maladies across the country, or at least in the neighborhood. With the many health promotion programs they have on prostrate cancer and all that they know, everyone can obviously gain a lot from them when it comes to this condition.

The main campus of OHSU is located on Marguam “Pill” Hill in the southeast environs of Homestead, and is home to the university’s medical school and two hospitals related to the establishment. The OHSU Hospital is a Level I trauma center and general hospital; the Doernbecher Children’s Hospital is a children’s hospital with specialties in pediatric medicine and long-term illnesses in kids; there are quite a number of outpatient primary care facilities, like the Physician’s Pavilion at the Pill Hill campus, that are located throughout the Portland metropolitan area; and then there is the third hospital, the Portland Veterans Affairs Medical Center, located next to the main campus, run by the United States Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), quite outside the auspices of OHSU.

Forgive me for throwing all of this in your face, but I’m impressed myself; even the newly-constructed Center for Health & Healing became the largest health care center in the United States to earn LEED Platinum certification in February 2007 when the status was ceded to them. Little wonder Phil and Penny Knight donated to them the largest philanthropic gift they have ever received to date in October of 2008, because they wanted their name on the OHSU Cancer Institute. Now they have all the money they need to foster all the cancer research that they need to get in gear, and to help as many patients suffering from the disease as they can.

The OHSU now has the Multidisciplinary Prostate Cancer Clinic to provide patients with complete, modern, joint and sympathetic medical attention, and to help patients and their families deal with the decision-making process concerned in dealing with the disease. Naturally, they are backed by the OHSU Cancer Institute, now the OHSU Knight Cancer Institute and approach the disease with a team that brings together Medical Oncology, with Radiation Oncology, and Urologic Surgery in disease intervention, specifically intended for newly diagnosed patients, and relapsing conditions.

The cancer institute does the research, and the cancer clinic administers the treatments and medications. Even cases of progression and advancement of the disease during whatever other therapy is administered, and those who would rather have a different professional opinion about the treatment they are currently undergoing, are entirely welcome. And if you are looking for research driven or unconventional therapies for prostate cancer, you still get your up to date management from them. Perhaps you should get in touch with the Multidisciplinary Prostate Cancer Clinic already.

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