Greenlight Prostate Cancer – Laser Surgery For Benign Prostate Hypertrophy

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Laser surgery generally is a surgical procedure that makes use of the laser to cut tissue instead of a scalpel as is traditionally used in standard surgeries. Green light laser surgery is in itself specifically used for the treatment/reduction of enlarged prostates.

An enlarged prostate is generally considered to be a natural result of the aging process, but it is also caused by benign prostate hypertrophy/hyperplasia. BPH is the most common prostate disease, a noncancerous condition of unknown cause that occurs in about four out of five men in the age range above 70 years old; and which causes an increase in prostate size from 0.71 oz to something as large as 5.31 oz. This causes a constriction of the urethra, a partial obstruction of the bladder, and bladder wall thickening, which eventually yields urination problems ? frequent and nighttime urination, urgency to urinate, difficulty emptying the bladder, and a weak urinary stream.

Ordinarily, BPH can be treated by medications that shrink the gland or relax it; or by a standard surgical procedure called the transurethral resection of the prostate (TURP). However rather than using an endoscope as this process dictates, the surgeon and patient together may agree upon the new improved green light laser treatment for cutting away the excess prostate tissue.

This Photo-Selective Vaporization of the Prostate (PVP) procedure, also called the GreenLight PV system, is avant-garde, novel, and minimally invasive because it allows urologists to deliver the same clinical endpoints of a regular standard TURP procedure, but without the significant risk that the latter brings. The technique is creating a new standard of care, especially since it is suitable for most patients with an enlarged prostate.

One big plus is that it hardly requires an overnight stay in the hospital, making possible for most patients to return home a few short hours after the procedure, and able to even get back to work in a couple of days. And naturally, rapid urine flow improvement is recorded, along with less than 1% of cases recorded in which erectile dysfunction occurred as a result of treatment. The long term symptomatic relief offered by the technique is impressive enough to keep bringing patients in from all angles.

This virtually bloodless GreenLight Laser surgery procedure is totally not appropriate for the treatment of prostate disease, because prostate cancer requires a little bit more invasiveness, which this form of laser light will not achieve. For this condition, robotic assisted prostatectomy should do the trick well enough.

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