Fast Travelling Prostate Cancer – Occurrence, Development and Final Stages

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When it’s fast travelling prostate cancer and it reaches its final stages, sometimes the best that the doctors can do for you is to sit it out, make you comfortable, and hope that your family is not too distraught watching you pass on or living without you once you are gone. If you think it is that strange an event, just ask the twenty six to twenty seven thousand families that lose someone to the debilitating cancerous syndrome each year. People die from the disease all the time, and even though science and technology have advanced somewhat since more effort has been put into solving the problem and curing the disease, there is only so much that they know about it just yet, and they can only do as much.

The occurrence of prostate cancer in the United States is an alarming thing, especially considering that the sickness is not so common in most countries of the developing world. It is interesting to observe that almost everyone who gets diagnosed with prostate cancer in the third world is dead in just over two years, and the United States has a nearly hundred percent five year survival prognosis for the same disease; however when you consider that of America’s immense population, up to eighteen percent of the male populace suffer from the condition, and about three percent die, you have to admit that the scales aren’t balanced at all.

Prostate cancer is a disease that gets more common as you climb up the aging ladder, with higher incidences only after you cross the age of 65; it also appears that folks who consume a higher content of red meat in their diet are more at risk, and vegans who don’t mind a little fish in their food seem to live out their lives without it. Also, it would seem as though the more sex you have while you are growing up, the less likely you are to have prostate cancer; and the more of anti-inflammatory and painkiller medication you consume, the fewer your chances of contacting the disease as well.

However, one of the biggest problems with prostate cancer is that it does not appear to have any early symptoms, so that you could have it for years without knowing, and by the time you state to feel its first symptoms, it is probably well into the middle stages of its development. By that time you must have been having pain and trouble with urination and with ejaculation for a while. You might consider it only a mild inflammation too, until one day you start to see red in your urine and in your semen. Then you start to get worried.

Most prostate cancers are caught by this time, and aggressive treatment is effected. If however you somehow manage to get beyond this point without being diagnosed, you are in for a rough time as the cancer continues to metastasize. It begins by migrating to the lymph nodes, causing swelling and pain; and then to the bones of the back, and the pelvis, and the hip, and your thigh. It also tends to spread to the rib bones, and to pile up at the tail end of your spine, causing fecal and urinary incontinence.

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