Factors That Can Influence Prostate Cancer Survival Rate

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When we talk of the survival rate for prostate cancer we refer to statistics relating to individuals who are still alive despite diagnosis of prostate cancers made on them.

On the average, a 5 year period is often used to determine whether the individual survived or not. Prostate cancer survival rate is an aspect of this condition that affects 1 in 6 men that would be diagnosed at least once in their lifetime.

This rate is usually quoted for the general population rather than individuals because bodily conditions differ. This article provides you with primary information you should know when it comes to the percentage of people that are still alive after being diagnosed with this condition.

 Basic factors that could influence Prostate Survival Rates

 The stage of the disease – The stages of prostate cancer ranges from Stage I to Stage IV. The lower the stage, the more likely that the patient will survive the conditions. Stages III and IV are more deadly forms of the disease. Also, the staging of prostate cancer can be grouped as either early or advanced stage. If the cancer is still early and localized within the prostate gland, there is more chance of survival for person.

Historical data on the influence of staging on the survival chance of patient shows that

  • 91% of prostate cancer is diagnosed in the early stages
  • 5% of the victims are diagnosed when the cancer has metastasized or advanced
  • 4% of prostate cancer cases are diagnosed when the staging is still not very clear.

Still on the influence of staging, it has been discovered that the survival rates for prostate cancer were: 100% for early prostate cancer 33.3 percent for advanced cases, and 79.5% for upstaged cases.

 The Gleason Score and PSA level – Another factor that would affect the survival rate of those diagnosed with prostate cancer is the statistics recorded in their Gleason Score and their PSA level.

Gleason Score is determined during biopsies and it is used to work out the aggressiveness of prostate cancer. The score is recorded from 1 to 10. The higher the score, the more deadly would be disease.

The PSA is the prostate Specific Antigen. It is a protein substance produced by the prostate gland. The high the level, the more likely the individual is going to be diagnosed with prostate cancer.

Other factors that could influence the survival chance of prostate cancer victim within 5 years of being diagnosed include the overall health condition of the patient and if the cancer recurred.

So, these are some of the basic factors that could affect the prostate cancer survival rate of the person.

Conclusively, the survival rate for white men is about 99.9% compared to African-American that is about 97.6%.

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