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There are some common symptoms you have to watch out for when you need to prevent prostate cancer. This is necessary because these symptoms are similar to those of enlarged prostate. Now, there is a difference between enlarged prostate and prostate cancer. The enlargement of the prostate gland refers to the increase in size of the prostate due to some factors. The condition is equally referred to as Benign Prostate Hypertrophy ? BPH. So, there’s a difference between Bph and prostate cancer, indeed. If you have always wondered what is Bph versus prostate cancer, you have your answer right here.

Prostate cancer on the other hand is the malignant tumors that appears in the cells of the prostate for a yet to be discovered reason. There are some risk factors, which have been attributable to prostate cancer but exact causes haven’t been really pinned to be responsible. These risk factors include: the age of the patient, the diets consumed by the patient, and genetic factors etc. The following are some common symptoms peculiar with prostate enlargements and prostate cancer, which you need to watch out for.

Difficulty in passing urine – when the prostate gets enlarged, it will block the passage between the bladder and the urethra making it difficult for urine to be initiated. This condition also occurs when the prostate is infected with cancer tumors. For patients who suffer prostate cancer in the early stages, the difficulty in passing urine is a common problem.

Pain when passing urine – another common symptom between prostate enlargement and prostate cancer is that the patient usually complains of pain when they urinate. This is due to pressure put on the urethra to pass urine from the bladder. The cancerous tumor or enlargement of the prostate blocks the passage and makes the flow of urine to be difficult.

There are other symptoms, which might be linked with prostate enlargement and prostate cancer. Difficulty in passing urine and painful urination are often complained about. So, watch out for these and see your doctor for treatment as soon as you start experiencing any of these. But of course, the best course for surviving prostate cancer is to constantly go for the necessary tests at least once a year, if you are over 50 years old. These series of yearly tests will help you detect any sign of cancerous tumors before they spread (metastasize) dangerously to other parts of your body, outside your postrate.

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