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There is no question about it; awareness is the primary key to defeating prostate cancer in the United States, and even across the surface of the globe. Like I have said so many times ? ignorance is certainly NOT bliss when it comes to this or other types of cancer. Instead, knowledge IS what IS bliss! The people need to know what they are dealing with, and they need to appreciate the danger of this man-killer disease so that they can take the appropriate steps to work towards preventing it, getting an early diagnosis should they be infected by it, and/or receiving the best treatment possible for the condition. There are those who think that what you don’t know cannot hurt you, but you have got to know that that is not true anymore by this time because a disease like prostate cancer needs no permission from you before it inflicts you with its horrible symptoms, which ultimately leads to DEATH, if not effectively nipped in the bud.

So, you want to get your hands on as many educational programs as you can on prostate cancer and indeed every other form of cancer that you can. This here is not a question, but the statement of a fact; because the more you know about the disease, the better your chances are against it. There are at this time no absolute guarantees, but at least there is information; and there are cancer specialists doing research all the time to come up with better means of prostate cancer diagnosis, and better techniques for curing the disease.

In that regard, you should begin with what the National Cancer Institute offers you concerning “What You Need To Know About Prostate Cancer” by visiting their website, learn about “Prostate Health” from the site maintained by the American Foundation for Urologic Disease, or pick up your “Oncology Foods” from the United States Food and Drug Administration’s website about what cancer drug therapies have been approved for patients and healthcare professionals; and you would only just be beginning.

Other educational prostate cancer programs and sources of valuable information in prostate cancer intervention include but are not limited to the Association of Cancer Online Resources; the University of Pennsylvania Cancer Center Resource, the Oregon Health and Science University Cancer Institute; cancer care libraries that offer online support, toll-free counseling, referrals to outside organizations, information, and other resources to patients and interested people; the Cancer Research Foundation of America; National Foundation for Cancer Research; Harvard Center for Cancer Research; and most definitely the U.S. Too International, Inc. Prostate Cancer Education and Support ? a website serviced and maintained by survivors of prostate cancer seeking to help others who have fallen into the disease or who are looking for a way not to.

You can get newsletters, glossaries, information about treatments and trials, online support groups, symptoms detection discussions, risk factors, and all the rest and so forth. I mean, with a disease like prostate cancer, you really cannot have too much information at your disposal.

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