Early and End Stages 2b Prostate Cancer

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Prostate cancer affects millions of men every year and this is becoming alarming. The fact that the awareness of this disease is quite low does not even help matters at all. Thus, there is need to create more awareness for individuals to be able to control and manage the symptoms of this disease early.

Before looking into the early and end stages 2b Prostate cancer, let us recall that Prostate type of cancer can be referred to as the abnormal growth of the Prostate gland found in males. This gland is situated under the bladder.

Below are the five stages of Prostate condition of cancer which you need to understand so as to be able to carry out treatment, management and control of the disease. The stages of Prostate cancer are important as detection and treatment of the condition is dependent on the particular stage, as well as other factors.

1. The first stage of Prostate cancer is often referred to as “T-I”. This stage can only be detected through biopsy or a blood test. The characteristics feature of this stage is that there is evidence of microscopic tumor found in the prostate gland.

2. Stage two is known as “T2”. This stage is detected with the aid of an ultra sound or a digital rectal examination. The major feature of this stage is that the tumor is localized to the prostate area.

3. Stage three prostrate cancer is known as “T3”. This stage, which can be called the Later stage of prostate cancer, commences the metastasizing of the cancerous cells. This means that the cancerous cells at this stage begin to spread. The major tissues where the spread takes place are the seminal vesicles and other tissues that are nearby.

4. The fourth stage is the “T4” stage. This stage enables the spread to affect other organs as well as tissues beyond those already affected in the third stage. Another major characteristic of this stage is that the cancerous cells are regionally located.

5. The fifth stage of prostate cancer (also known as advanced stage prostrate cancer or final stage of prostate cancer) is the most deadly stage of the disease because major organs of the body are affected. This stage is known as N+ or M+. If the cancer cells affects only the pelvic nymph nodes then it is known as N+ but when other organs of the body are affected, like the bones, kidneys, liver and all other organs distant from the prostate then it is known as M+.

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