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The money, as you must well know, does not fall from the sky. Most people simply expect results from all of these researchers and research centers without really understanding that research costs a lot of money – money to make the drugs, to carry out the tests, to sustain the researchers doing the tests and experiments (and their families), to seek out new products that may have the solution, and so on and so forth.

Prostate cancer research is by no means a walk in the park, taking years (decades even) before the results begin to trickle in; and it’s the donations for prostate cancer that make the critical difference between success and failure.

You could start with the federal government, and other government parallels. Only a few years ago, President Bush signed the approval of 5 billion to be funneled research over a period of five years. It wasn’t specifically for prostate cancer, but that would at least shed some light on how money is made for the studies. The American Cancer Society also does its own bit, funding brilliant minds in the studies of various forms of cancer, and leading several in fact to Nobel prices on the long run.

But it is not all about the government and established institutions all over the country – you and I also need to be able to offer our own contributions to these studies that might save us or our loved ones some day. There may be those who think that they are safe from prostate cancer, but the truth is with an incidence rate of as much as 200,000 new diagnoses every year, and a death toll that pushes the 20,000 man mark, how can one be entirely certain that one’s life is not inexorably touched by this? One can’t.

On the Prostate Cancer Charity website, there is room for making a donation for anyone who is interested in offering it. Visit the website, fill the online form, and the rest of the system just plays itself out with you following the cues as they come; even you can do that.

Look all around you and I can bet that you’ll come across a few people with the silicone rubber bracelet’s on their wrists that say “Prostate Cancer Awareness.” It’s not new: the bracelets cell for just $10 but a good portion of the proceeds go to funding several of the many prostate cancer research facilities all over the country. If you were to buy one for yourself, and a couple for those you live with, you would have contributed to saving a few lives – perhaps even yours.

The Prostate Cancer Foundation also has a website that allows you to make a general donation if you want to, and you should. Making money for the expensive research really comes in no other way.

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