Do You Really Know The Exact Causes Of Prostate Cancer?

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Explaining the causes of Prostate cancer can be confusing because there is no single cause of this condition. So, it becomes quite difficult to pinpoint a particular cause.

Many experts, doctors, scientists, researches on the subject of prostate cancer haven’t been able to name a single cause of prostate cancer, despite all the years of research on the subject.

This dilemma nonetheless, there are a combination of causes that can be linked to prostate cancer.

Before looking at this combination of causes, it is worth knowing that the cancer itself originates mostly in the epithelial cells of the glandular elements of the prostate of victims.

The most plausible cause of prostate cancer is hereditary. Many men who develop prostate cancer are known to have fathers with the problem.

Though this is not a fact with all men, but with many men. The statistics put it that 9% of all prostate cancer cases are caused by a genetic susceptibility. This can be inherited through chromosome 1.

So, if your father, uncle or brothers have prostate cancer, then you should be on the watch out and start learning all you can to stay alive even when you develop it.

The lack of single cause of prostate cancer nonetheless, you should endeavor to undergo a prostate cancer test as early as 40 years of age.

This early test is to be certain you catch it before it grows out of hand. If you are able to catch the growth of the prostate cancer before it spreads to other parts of the body, the chances of survival are very high.

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