Do You Know These Truths About Prostate Cancer And Vitamin D

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The issue of prostate cancer vitamin d has brought about a lot of debate among prostate cancer experts.

While many claim that Vitamin D plays a very important role in treating prostate cancer, others insist that there is no significance of vitamin d to prostate cancer treatment.

Who to listen to?

Thankfully there has been a very revealing study to show that Vitamin D may indeed help to prevent and even treat prostate cancer.

This was revealed by a group from the University of Toronto at a presentation at the conference on Vitamin D and cancer organized by the National Institute of Health and the National Cancer Institute in 2004.

This group from the University of Toronto revealed that they had concluded the first human trials of a deltanoid (a kind of vitamin D compound) which appears to not only help fight prostate cancer but also do so without any kind of side effects.

This group from the University of Toronto studied 15 men with prostate cancer who had surgery or radiation. They worked on them for 21 months, giving them daily 2,000 units dose of the normal Vitamin D that is sold in any health store.

After the 21 months, they discovered that for most of these men, their PSA either came down or simply stopped going up. As amazing as it seemed, this research suggests that the prostate cancer in the majority of these men either started to regress or simply remained dormant or inactive.

The best news of all in this case was that none of the 21 men tested for this study had any side effects from the use of this Vitamin D.

This study now confirms the efficacy of Vitamin D in treating prostate cancer.

So, for those in the camp that prostate cancer vitamin d doesn’t help, they are dead wrong. Vitamin D indeed helps prostate cancer treatment and even prevention.

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