Do You Know These Prostate Cancer Surgery Types?

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One of the treatment options for prostate cancer is usually surgery. But before deciding on whether prostate cancer surgery is the best option or not, your doctor has to check the type of prostate cancer, the size and spread. All these will determine what your doctor will do.

Below are the types of prostate cancer surgery that are mostly done for prostate cancer victims:

Radical Prostatectomy: This type of prostate cancer surgery is the surgical removal of the whole prostate and also some nearby tissues that are infected with the cancer.

This type of surgery is done mostly during the early stages of prostate cancer, which is stages I and stages II. At these stages the prostate cancer hasn’t spread outside the prostate, so removing the entire prostate gives victims a high survival chance.

This Radical Prostatectomy is sometimes used in combination with hormonal therapy when the doctor sees that the prostate cancer has spread beyond the prostate.

Orchidectomy: This is also known as surgical castration. It involves the removal of the testes of the prostate cancer victim. The testes are the organs that are responsible for producing the male hormones like testosterone.

This Orchidectomy prostate cancer surgery is not done for the early stages of prostate cancer but for the advanced prostate cancer- stage IV.

Whatever type of prostate cancer surgery is done for you, it will be dependent on the type and stage of prostate cancer.
Most prostate cancer surgery victims are known to experience some sort of urinary incontinence afterwards, but this is not mostly permanent.

There are also men who have experienced some form of impotence after surgery.

Aside from all these, the most common after effects of prostate cancer surgery is the psychological loss of the testicles that most men feel.

But I don’t know about you? I prefer to loose my testicles than to lose my life to prostate cancer. And the best news is that prostate cancer occurs mostly in older men, so you might have children then, so it wouldn’t be such a big blow on you.

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