Department for Veterans Affairs (VA) And Prostate Cancer Compensation

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Most Americans at this time are already aware of the fact that there are provisions made by the United States military for men who served in the Vietnam War and were in that way exposed to toxins that put them at increased risk of various diseases, of which prostate cancer is one. What most people do not know is what precisely those provisions are. The United States Department for Veterans Affairs (VA) was charged with enforcing certain court rulings that were made after a civil class action was filed in the early 1980s that brought the fact to light.

The VA compensation for prostate cancer victims who were exposed to Agent Orange during the Vietnam War takes into account the fact that these men are more likely to develop prostate cancer than the rest of the population. As a result if one were to develop the disease, he would be entitled to compensation and medical treatment from the Veterans Administration – but only if the patient in Vietnam between January 9, 1962 and May 5, 1975. But that aside, it does not matter what time he developed the condition, he is presumed to have been affected by Agent Orange and are entitled to compensation.

The veteran gets monthly payment rates based on the combined rating for his service-connected disabilities based on the severity of the disabilities. Additional amounts are paid to veterans who have severe disabilities, called the “special monthly compensation,” and certain other veterans who have dependents get a little something as well.

The man does have to submit an “Application for Compensation or Pension” by filling out the VA Form 21-526 as soon as possible after being diagnosed with prostate cancer; and it is important that he does it before he receives Prostate Cancer treatment. There are provisos for those who have been treated and cured, and for those who are only suffering a relapse of the condition, but things are clearer when the application is filled out prior to any treatment, especially if the man desires to initially qualify for 100 percent disability rating for at least six months. Applications filed after treatment may only allow the man to qualify for a reduced disability rating if treatment resulted in side effects.

According to the Compensation Rate Table at, which was effected December 1, 2006, 100 percent disability compensation rates are as follows include $2,471 a month for a single veteran individual, and $2,610 per month if he has a spouse. The application may be filled out online as well on the same website.

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