Decision Making Advice for the Man with Prostate Cancer

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When a person is diagnosed with a debilitating disease like prostate cancer, decision making at various levels becomes vital. The level or quality of decision made determines can affect the out come for treatments.

More so, informed decision determines the outcome of prognosis made. Therefore, it is important to understand the different decision levels. Below are hints on the important decision making areas men face if they are likely to be diagnosed with cancer of the prostate.

For a start, in 2008, the United States Cancer Statistics indicated that about 28,471 men died of prostate cancer. In the same year, about 214,633 new cases of prostate cancer were diagnosed in men. Based on the figures above, which still remains the most current data, there is no doubt that there could be an increase in the figures after four years.

That being said, prostate cancer is still a major killer disease of the cancer genre for men. It only ranked second to lung cancer. Now, it’s really important to make quality decisions about this type of deadly cancer.

  • Decision about understanding the condition – This is about the first decision you should take if you are at a high risk of being diagnosed with cancer of the prostate. It is important you get all necessary information about how this condition affects person. You should take proactive steps towards sourcing for this information where possible. The doctor’s, Urologist’s, Oncologist’s or pathologist’s office should be starting point to access first hand information about this condition.
  • Decision on treatments and their side effects – You need to understand that certain treatments for prostate cancer come with devastating side effects. It would be your decision to weigh the benefits and risks of undergoing such treatments. For instance, erectile dysfunction and urinary incontinence are common problems associated with radiation therapy and surgical removal of the prostate gland.

Though these treatments could be effective in curing early prostate cancer, it is up to you to weight the risk of having those side effects. However, I am not saying you should avoid these treatments completely, their outcome may well depend on the experience of the doctor, the stage of the disease and other factors.

So, informed decision for prostate cancer is fundamental. It really would be most effective if it is made on your preference and value. You really need to get properly informed about the most important aspects of this disease before going for what you want.  With the help of a doctor and relevant resource centers you truly can decide on what is best for you in prostate cancer treatment.

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