Dan Fogelberg And Prostate Cancer- Lesson To Be Learnt From His Death

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Dan Fogelberg, known to his own family as Daniel Grayling Fogelberg, was that American singer who captured the American dream in his music. As a songwriter and multi-instrumentalist also, his music was inspired by sources as diverse as folk, pop, classical, jazz, and bluegrass music; and his music was an inspiration to countless people in the United States and indeed all over the world. Boy will we miss him.

Danny died in 2007 from prostate cancer, succumbing to the disease on the sixteenth day of December that year, with his lovely Jean by his side at the not quite ripe age of 56 in his Maine home. He had combated the disease for three long years? but it ended up a battle not quite won.

His only happens to be a louder death amongst the thousands that die each year from the disease, but it brings a little bit more attention to something that some Americans do not take quite so serious. About two hundred thousand men are diagnosed with prostate disease every year, and about twenty seven thousand men die from the disease within the same time span.

Danny was diagnosed with advanced prostate cancer in May 2004, and he underwent therapy for the disease; he even achieved a partial remission of the malignancy, but that really was nothing because the treatment did not eliminate his cancer; it reduced the cancerous cells and temporarily stopped the spread and progression of the malady.

But advanced stage prostate cancer is not curable, merely treatable; and it was only a question of time before the inevitable happened. Even though Danny announced at his 54th birthday that his cancer treatments had been successful, the fact that he said that he had “no immediate plans” for returning to music has to have been evidence enough for fans to get the gist of it. But no, we were all so enraptured in getting our icon back that we weren’t paying attention.

Danny’s death from prostate cancer only a couple of years later may have been painful, but it came as no shock to anyone. The American Cancer Society has stepped up screening operations all across the United States to help improve early diagnosis of this condition. The society urges that all men over the age of 50 years old should get tested at least once a year because the adenocarcinoma does not have any symptoms in the early stages. As such, it could be there and growing for years without being detected unless something medical is done to do so. Dan Fogelberg did not get diagnosed early, which happens in about 10% of cases, but you don’t want to be the next victim. Your own battle can be won, but you want to start fighting early.

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