Colon and Prostate Cancer – The Link or Relationship

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‘There has got to be a relationship between colon cancer and prostate cancer,’ you say; ‘when the doctors are trying to diagnose or treat you for either condition, they basically handle you the same way!’ You might even try to link colon cancer to prostate cancer.

In fact, you aren’t entirely wrong, except that you aren’t right either. You see, there indeed is a basic relationship between all kinds of cancer ? they are all caused by the incidence of dead cells in your body that are refusing to be expunged and allow for the growth of newer and healthier cells as dead cells should be. As a result, they cause other healthy cells to die off and to not be cast out of the body as they should, causing the malignancy to grow and grow, and perhaps even metastasize to other part of the body, such as your bones, pelvis, and a lot of other organs. Then you have serious problems, and then treating the disease may not be so easy anymore.

But they aren’t that similar? prostate and colon cancer, especially since one of them occurs only in men ? only men can have prostate cancer because only men have the prostate gland ? while the other ? colon cancer – can occur in either men or women. However, both diseases can be deadly if not handled the way that they should be handled, which means you must know how to tell one from the other, and undertake the right actions to see about saving your life; and that means take the next few lines even more seriously.

Colon cancer, also known as colorectal cancer or cancer of the rectum, is cancer of the rectum, the bundle of tissue that is at the mouth of your anus. Actually, technically, it is a cancer of the large intestine, but only in the lower region of the intestinal tract. More than a hundred thousand Americans are diagnosed with the condition annually, and close to fifty thousand may die of it this year alone. However, that is only about ten to twenty percent of the total number of people who have the disease because diagnostic and treatment procedures for it are getting better and better all the time.

Prostate cancer is a cancer for men, and only men who are approaching old age. It is rarely found in people younger than fifty years old, but it is very common in men who have reached beyond seventy. It also kills big time, but because men of this age are usually close to death by old age anyhow, some people believe that it is easier to just allow them to die of natural causes while keeping them ‘comfortable’ for the time being; this is what the so-called “watchful waiting” is all about.

The prostate gland of men is right there under the bladder, very close to the scrotum or testicles, and your rectum. In order to reach it, you have to bend over and let the doctor insert a gloved finger into your colon, pretty much the same way as they would test for lumps of colon cancer. That is the part that most men are not very excited about, but is also the fastest way for a pre-diagnosis. If they cannot establish it that way, then they go for more invasive and exhaustive diagnostic efforts. Should you have either colon or prostate cancer, surgery or other most basic cancer treatments are the other factors that make folks relate one to the other.

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