Clinical Trials for Prostate Cancer – Benefits and Risks You Should Know

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If you have been diagnosed of prostate cancer, one of the ways you can follow to get treatment is by participating in clinical trials.

Yes, are you surprised to hear this? Well, you should not because this is true, and it is not surprising you are a little stunned with this piece of information. The following are some important details on clinical trials for prostate cancer you will find very useful.

First off, clinical trials are studies or researches carried out to find new and effective    drugs, treatments, devices, or procedures that can help diagnose, prevent and treat a disease. These studies are also conducted to detect, diagnose, treat, and manage prostate cancer effectively.

Prostate cancer is the second leading cause of death for men with cancer diseases. It has been estimated that about 30,000 men die of prostate cancer every year, and 1 in 6 men are going to be diagnosed of this disease in their lifetime.

Types and Phases of clinical trials for prostate cancer

Clinical trials for prostate cancer are of different types. These include those conducted to determine the efficacy of new treatments, screening procedures, preventive measures, and quality of life. Each of these types of clinical trials is conducted in phases which   examines or evaluates the procedures in different levels.  The phases examine benefits and side effects at various times, with varied populations, etc. Most of the clinical trials are conducted in Phase I, II, III and IV.

Benefits of Clinical Trials for prostate Cancer

You have a number of benefits to get when you participate in clinical prostate clinical trials. These include:

  • The trial enables you take advantage of new treatments for your condition before it is widely  available for the larger population
  • The trial may help treat your condition and save your life if other treatments have failed.
  • The clinical trial for prostate cancer usually involves no financial cost on your side. The tests, doctor visits, and treatments are provided free of charge.
  • By participating in a clinical trial, you have the advantage of being treated by the best doctors and the best health care facilities.

Risks associated with clinical trials for prostate cancer

Even as you have a lot of benefits from participating in prostate cancer clinical trials, there are still some disadvantages or risks you should not ignore. These include:

  • You need to frequently visit the clinic for tests than when you are going for normal medical treatments.
  • Since the new treatment is tested, there is no guarantee that it will work on you.
  • It is possible that the new treatment or procedure cause side effects that could be life threatening for you.

In conclusion, clinical trials for prostate cancer are not just for anyone. You will need to undergo screening so the doctor can ascertain if you are a right candidate for the treatment. Many are reluctant to participate in clinical trials but this could be another effective way to be treated.

There are strict guidelines and measures that must be followed to ensure the patient safety and equality, hence these should be able to allay your fears. Consult your doctor and the Internet for more information on this condition.

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