Cancer De La Prostate Et Ses Metastasis – Metastasis of Prostate Cancer

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In your language, Cancer de la Prostate Et Ses Metastasis means exactly what Metastasis of Prostate cancer does in English language; this article looks critically at it and provides some helpful tips that can help you.

I like to think of cancers ? any form of cancer ? the same way I think of vampires: as viruses that do nothing but multiply and destroy everything in their path until there is nothing left. If there was only one vampire who could bite only two people, there could suddenly be three of them by nightfall. Then if each of these three vampires bites another couple of people apiece, you could be looking at nine of them by the end of the second day. When the third ends, you could be looking at twenty seven bloodsucking vermin by the night of day three. You don’t even want to think what the numbers are going to be like by the end of ten days? a hundred, a thousand? by the end of the year!

Scary, isn’t it? Well, that’s what cancers do best ? they multiply. At the beginning, they could seem simple and unaggressive ? benign even ? but that is only a farce. Soon after, the cancer cells take up a life of their own and start to migrate to other parts of the body, other vital organs, killing them and eventually killing you.

Prostate cancer naturally starts in the male prostate gland, in a manner that you will not find very easy to catch in the night as it begins because it often sneaks up on you without any initial symptoms. However, as the disease progresses, you will start to feel quite some pain in your genitals, coming from the prostate but appearing as though it was pain localized to your penis. You have trouble urinating, and when you have sexual intercourse, you experience a lot of pain when ejaculating. It is not very long after that you start to see blood in both the urine and the semen. Then you have serious troubles.

But your troubles are far from being at their worst at this time, because even if it is caught at this time, some simple hormonal therapy can help to arrest and shrink the cancerous cells before they get the chance to spread to other parts of the body. Usually, to support the hormone treatment for prostate cancer, they often have to back it up with radiation therapy ? brachytherapy to be more exacting. If you missed a prostate cancer diagnosis at this stage however, the mutated cancerous cells get the chance to metastasize to other parts of your body, especially the bones of your hip and pelvis. Later, it will get to your ribs and femur after it has infected your lymph nodes.

By this time, the best treatment you can get will probably be a radical prostatectomy, unless the surgeon is good enough to do the tumor removal operation with a laparoscope. Even when that is done, they might still consider some hormonal therapy to stop the metastasis and shrink the cancerous cells down to more manageable sizes, and then some radiotherapy to kill off the spread cells. The best treatment for prostate cancer is often a combination of several techniques to ensure that the cancer does not relapse. As such, you may yet be seeing some chemo action, or even immunotherapy. Your best chance from the start was to never have let the cancer get this bad. That is why the American Cancer Society strongly urges that you go for a test every year, just so that they can rule out the thing before it rules you out.

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