Cancer Cure Prostrate Treatment – Very Effective Ways To Fight the Disease

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I can’t be too sure what you may have heard before, but if you been told that prostate cancer is incurable you might want to seek the perpetrator out and let them know that they were wrong.

There is no such thing like prostate type of cancer cure; it’s just that oncologists and urologist alike are never too eager to put it that way. I suppose for them they’d much rather downplay the odds as opposed to giving the patient hopes that might be dashed. But if you have been paying attention to what the American Cancer Society has to say about it, you will have come across their statement that early stage prostate malignant tumor is more than just treatable: it’s curable!

The thing about most cancers is that after growing a while, they spread; and when they spread to other parts of the body they become that much more of a problem to handle and cure may become? well, little more than just a bleak possibility. In prostate kind of cancer treatment you have to treat the cancer in the early stages as well, if you are going to at least guarantee a cure.

One very ideal remedy for this condition is the surgery in which the prostate gland is removed while the cancerous tumor is still small and confined to the organ. This procedure is referred to as a radical prostatectomy and if it is done by an experienced surgeon who is sure to remove every last piece of the tumor, you can be guaranteed more than five years of happy living without the cancer. Why, they may even offer you a 93% ten year prognosis of non recurrence of the cancer, which are good odds anyhow you look at it.

Another treatment that is often aimed at curing this disease is radiation therapy. This may be done in either or both of two ways: one way, external beam radiation therapy, makes use of ionizing radiation from an external source (a linear accelerator) in attacking and killing the cancerous cells while they are still in the prostate; the second approach makes use of small radioactive seed implants that are inserted into the prostate through tiny incisions in the region. The small seeds emit sufficient radiation to kill the cancer once and for all.

Other treatments that may be used with the intention to cure the cancer are cryosurgery (which is even considered to be better than radical prostatectomy in many cases), immunotherapy, proton therapy, and high intensity focused ultrasound. To some degree, these last few are still being studied for potential improvements, but already they are in use. In late stage prostate cancer, they can’t cure the disease, but by subtle combinations, it can be well managed enough to maintain a certain quality of life.

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