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If you live in the United States you have come across it before. It is not as though everyone in the country has the things on, and certainly not every man is in a hurry to announce that they are besotted by one of the most deadly and common diseases in the world; young fashionable men certainly aren’t in a hurry to represent something on their person that depicts an ailment that they’ll likely have some forty or fifty years into the future; and ladies? well, it’s just not a big concern for them right now.

Nonetheless if you live in the United States, you certainly have come across the blue silicone prostate cancer awareness bracelet. Just like the chastity belt and other items of merchandise that people put on their person to announce various things to the world around them, the prostate cancer awareness wristband is worn on the wrist by people who are telling the world around them that they know this disease and they may be able to offer you something ? anything at all ? in preventing or treating the disease; otherwise they are interested in learning from you; or they simply do not mind talking with you about it.

Ninth most common cancer in the world, most common non skin cancer in the United States, second most common cause of cancer deaths in America, prostate cancer is not a disease that takes all that many prisoners. Each year close to three hundred thousand new victims enter the prostate cancer market ? men recently diagnosed with the carcinoma; and each year close to thirty thousand men die of the disease or its complications in the United States alone. A disease like this that affects no fewer than one in six American men certainly has the entire country at least thinking about it in some way; there undoubtedly cannot be many families that have never been touched by it.

The prostate cancer awareness bracelet is how you tell the world that you know and you understand; that you sympathize and you are willing to offer a hand. There simply is no other way of telling if the person standing next to you on the subway aisle, or the man sitting next to you in church, or the cab driver in the taxi has been a victim of prostate cancer in some way; not unless you ask. But then, that would be prying. Suffice just to let the world know that you know? and that you are willing to help.

The prostate cancer awareness bracelet is a light blue silicone rubber bracelet that says ‘Prostate Cancer Awareness’ with two awareness ribbons. They are sold for about $10, and the percentage of the proceeds goes to research to help find a cure. On most websites where it is sold, a free gift is often attached to encourage people who will buy and put on these silicon bracelets for prostate cancer awareness.

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