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The bracelet: you must have had the chance to come across it already by this time, and you must certainly know what it stands for. The prostate cancer silicone rubber bracelet is you talking and offering a helping hand to all the people out there who are either suffering directly from the disease or form the aftermath.

Thousands of men die from prostate cancer every year, most of them old men who have lived good lives and who should be living out the rest of their lives in peace, reaping the fruits of their decades of hard labors. But along comes this debilitating carcinoma of the cells of the prostate gland caused by any blend of certain risk factors, and there goes the health of the man. There is hardly a single family that has not been touched by prostate cancer in the United States, the families of African Americans having been hurt the most.

Doctors and scientists are in research, working overtime to find the actual cause of the disease, and also to find improved treatments that will offer better assurances and prognoses for those who have already been diagnosed with the disorder. They are doing a great job too, and government money, private funding, public grants, and all of those sources are doing what they can to keep them afloat. But they need your money too; and that is what the light blue silicone rubber wristband stands for.

You can call it a fund raising effort, because it most certainly isn’t much of a fashion statement. Emblazoned with the legend “Prostate Cancer Awareness,” a good portion of the proceeds made from its sales go to funding the various prostate cancer researches all over the United States. In addition to that, it is also a way by which you can tell the other person that you know about his or her suffering and you are willing to be part of the fight to stop prostate cancer from cleaning out what is left of the best of this great nation.

Women don’t have prostate cancer (they have to deal with ovarian and breast cancer) but they are affected by it just as much as men are. In any case, with about twenty seven thousand men dying from prostate cancer every year, and over two hundred thousand being freshly diagnosed for the condition, the disease is common enough for you to be telling others about it. Representing prostate cancer by a little piece of rubber may also seem kind of trivial, but you can be rest assured that the ten dollars you spent on it is being put to good use.

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