Beer Prostate Cancer – Is There a Link?

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Take if from someone who used to do ten bottles of Heineken in a single night, there is indeed something about beer that makes you just want to go on. I’ll be as forthcoming as I can be by coming straight out with and declaring that I still don’t know what the thing was in the alcoholic beverage made from cereal grains ? it could be the fermentation, or the other ingredients in the substance that I still do not know; or it could be the camaraderie that you share with all the other guys out there, knocking back one bottle after the other, laughing and complaining together, talking about the wives, and the economy, and how that boss of yours was going to get his?, and all the rest and so forth.

Looking back now, I still cannot quite put my finger on what it was that made me drink so much, and going back to the bottle night after night; it certainly wasn’t the taste, which I have never been too much in love with. I remember only how hard it was for me to stop drinking, and how much more disposable income it saved me when I was finally able to get over it. It was no walk in the park, I assure, you; and I still desire the darned thing too, except that each time I think of how it nearly ruined my life, and how much I hate that darned bland taste.

Finally, after I was able to break the beer habit, I asked myself that question too: if all that drinking had made me more susceptible to prostate cancer or if it has actually helped, and if my body was just a ticking time bomb waiting to go off with mutating prostate cells as I grew older. What I found when I started looking were the risk factors of prostate cancer had nothing much to do with drinking of beer or not. In fact, the risk factors of prostate cancer are:

AGE ? The older you get, the more likely you are to catch prostate cancer. The disease is common enough amongst men, but it is totally more prevalent in men over 65 years old than it is in men under 45.

GENETICS ? If you have a family medical history of prostate cancer, you are automatically more susceptible to the disease than someone who does not. The genetic markers were realized through experiment carried out on identical twin children of men who were diagnosed with prostate cancer.

RACE ? For some reason that is not clear to anyone in the medical community, African American men are at least twice more likely to catch prostate cancer than Caucasians and Asians. The disease for some reason is more prevalent in certain races.

DIET and LIFESTYLE ? certain foods appear to increase the risk of prostate cancer, while others lower that risk. Low intake of vitamin E and selenium, low blood levels of vitamin D, and poor exposure to UV light also increase you risk. However, a vegan diet with some fish appears to lower the risk of catching prostate cancer. Read between the lines; it’s not stated anywhere that beer or alcohol causes prostate cancer. If anything, there are studies which show that beer indeed helps against prostate cancer, but you have to drink a whole lot of it. See other “related articles” we have on this website to learn more about the various studies conducted that show the benefits of beer to prostate cancer.

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