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While you may be looking for the Atlanta Georgia Prostate Cancer Treatment Center, it’s not the only one in the country. There are other centers that watch and carry out clinical trials for prostate cancer, and several other types and forms of cancer all over the United States ? and in fact the entire world ? and release their results to the entire world, so that you can learn, just the way that I do, and you can take steps to beat the condition and live a longer and happier life.

Some of the other centers out there apart from the Atlanta Georgia prostate cancer treatment center include the Prostate Duke Comprehensive Cancer Center, the Mdanderson Cancer Research center, the Barrett Center, the MD Anderson cancer research center, the Moffitt cancer center, etc.

Most of these centers are nonprofit organizations that are sponsored by the public ? anyone who cares to offer them support in forms of grants and donations ? and by the government, federal or state. Armed with public trust and expectations, and with their medical knowhow and whatever genius they are in possession of, the research specialists in these organizations delve into all kinds of clinical trials and studies on prostate and other related cancers, and all kinds of potential cures for the condition as well as the responses that the disease has to various medications and treatment procedures.

Through a lot of these clinical trials, and of course with a lot of help from knowledge that already exists, it has been determined as yet that the best prostate cancer cures are surgery or prostatectomy, and radiation therapy or radiotherapy. Hormonal therapy is also being considered, but it is found to only help to shrink the size of a prostate tumor and prevent metastasis. Worse, the malignancy typically becomes resistant after one to two years, and if the condition is not cured by then, you are in some trouble.

Radiation therapy and surgery on the other hand actually help to deal with the tumors for the moment, but they are only so good. To help prevent return of the cancer, you may have to subscribe to combined efforts to treat it, which may include the discarded hormone treatment. The objective of all the research and studies is essentially to find a sure and lasting cure, which is still largely elusive; however, there is much hope, and as long as the centers are out there, you can dare to hope.

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