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The American Cancer Society is a cancer research and public education organization, founded in 1913 for the control of all kinds of cancers, to “disseminate knowledge concerning the symptoms, treatment, and prevention of cancer, to investigate conditions under which cancer is found, and to compile statistics in regard thereto.” Today, it has more than two million members, a national office, and more than 3,400 units. Today they do overall planning; administration of research programs, medical grants, and clinical fellowships; and public and professional education at a national level. Even though people interested in prostate type of cancer refer to them as the American Prostate Cancer Society, they also cover issues that have to do with prostate cancer, as well as other cancers.

But don’t even start to think they are alone; there is also the Cancer Research Foundation of American, which offers all kinds of information on cancer research while carrying out various researches; and there is the Cancer Genome Anatomy Project, an interdisciplinary program with the sole purpose of establishing information and technological tools that are required the molecular anatomy of a cancer cell; and the National Foundation for Cancer Research; and the National Cancer Institute; and so on and so forth.

The thing is, America isn’t at a loss for sources of information regarding prostate cancer, or any other type of cancer for that matter. Even if you did not trust the research institutions, you could just surf the web and find you a couple of websites like this one in which all kinds of prostate cancer materials are peddled, and through which you can lay your hands on books published by famous and prominent names in prostate cancer treatment and research. With a few clicks, you could get even a lot more than you needed, and you could just pick out enough to complete your thesis, put together your abstract, and move along from there.

The thing about writing academically on prostate cancer is that you require information and you need facts ? a lot of facts. More than just the results of other people’s experiments, you need some results gotten from experiments of your own. Considering that you may not have the time to commit to ten years of study or more, at the very least you should sign up to one of all of these institutions for some hands on experience. Understandable if you are running for your first degree, but not if you are going in for and MD, or PhD course of study ? you cannot be too lax in the way you do what you have to do because this is not just a result for somebody to award you scores with, but a paper that so many other people will refer to; one which may save lives or destroy them.

And when it comes to references, you totally have to choose the best because there is nothing else that will add quality to your job. Some no-name recluse may even be the person with the pertinent information, but if you are quoting or citing his work, you had better see to it that you also include easily recognizable names too. You like could depend on it, you know? er, your future, I mean.

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