Aggressive Prostate Cancer Definition and 3 Indisputable Facts To Know

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Do you know that prostate cancer can be aggressive and non-aggressive? Yes, it can and this depends on the stage in which the disease is. Prostate cancer is an abnormal growth of the cells of the prostate. These growths often lead to tumor that can metastasize to other organs of the body. Understanding the stages of the prostate cancer will enable your doctor to determine if the cancer is aggressive or not. This article defines aggressive prostate cancer and provides you with 3 indisputable facts that are linked with the condition.

By definition, when something is described as aggressive, it means that it is acting or behaving in a way that threatens to spread faster. The cancer that grows in the prostate gland and surrounding tissues might be referred to as “aggressive” if it tends to spread to other vital organs of the body pretty fast and increases the risk of death for you.

3 Facts about aggressive prostate cancer

1. Aggressive prostate cancer is diagnosed on individuals whose cancers have metastasized beyond the localized region of the prostate. Biopsy, Bone scans and X-rays are applied to detect the aggressiveness of the cancer. Diagnosis for this classification of cancer is not that difficult because the symptoms are evidently seen in the patients.

2. If a patient’s prostate cancer is classified as aggressive, you will notice the following symptoms in the person ? bloody urine, difficulty in passing urine, incontinence, weight loss, body weakness, painful ejaculation, persistent pain in the back, etc. The symptoms mentioned are just a few of the many other symptoms of advanced aggressive Stage IV prostate cancer that individuals experience.

3. The treatments for aggressive prostate are carried out with different procedures. Chemotherapy, radiation therapy, hormonal therapy, and surgeries are the common procedures applied to treat prostate cancer that has been classified as aggressive.

On a final note, the facts highlighted above are true of aggressive prostate cancer. It is better to go for early diagnosis so that the early treatment of your condition can start. It is safer treating cancer of the prostate early as it increases the life expectancy of the patient.

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